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The Purpose of a COACH

Olympic and Leadership Coach Chip Richards shares insight into the role of a Coach and why Coaching can be pivotal in helping us think beyond our past experience and move beyond our preconceived limits of what's possible. It's time.
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Life Lessons from Bees : PURPOSE

Over the past several years we've become passionate bee keepers and not only have we learned an incredible amount about the way of the bee, the more time we spend with the bees, the more they teach us about Life, Leadership, Collaboration and the power of PURPOSE!
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William Ury: Transforming Conflict into New Possibility

William Ury has mediated some of the world’s most intractable conflicts ranging from the Kentucky wildcat coal mine strikes to ethnic wars in the Middle East, the Balkans, and the former Soviet Union.
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Working Hard or Playing Big?

Sometimes when life or work feel overwhelming, we think our only way through is by putting our head down, taking on more and pushing through... But often when we hit these challenges, the true and lasting solution is not in working harder, b ut in expanding who we are Being in the situation... ​
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What are the Six Basic Human Needs?

Every day we make decisions and take actions in our life based on what we think, feel and believe is most important. While we may not always be consciously aware of why we make the decisions that we do, the truth is that each of us have our own unique filters of perception that naturally rank certain decisions and actions higher than others.
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How to Navigate Life (Using our Inner GPS)

When traveling in unfamiliar territory (on the road and in life) there are some powerful parallels between the GPS system in our car and our approach to navigating the twists and turns of life.
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